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Fotona LightWalker AT-S

    Perfection in Laser Dentistry

    LightWalker lasers are designed for dental perfectionists and all forward-thinking professionals who wish to upgrade their daily dental experience with new treatment possibilities that only the latest laser technology can offer. Following its launch, Fotona’s LightWalker dental laser system quickly earned widespread industry acclaim and highly respected technology and innovation awards. LightWalker’s patented QSP (quantum square pulse) mode represents an important technological advancement, improving the laser's interaction with dental tissues for optimized patient comfort, speed and clinical results.

    High Performance Dentistry, Without Compromises

    LightWalker’s state-of-the-art design, engineering and patented technologies have made it the world's fastest-cutting Erbium laser, outperforming even rotary burs in terms of speed and precision, while simultaneously offering a wide range of highly effective hard- and soft-tissue treatments. LightWalker’s easy-to-select operating modes and advanced laser-beam delivery systems enhance the precision and performance of each laser treatment for optimal clinical efficacy.

    Broad Spectrum of Effective and Easy-to-Perform Applications

    From conservative dentistry, endodontics and implantology to periodontics and soft-tissue surgery, LightWalker lasers offer the most comprehensive list of clinical applications of any dental laser made today. LightWalker is also perfect for cosmetic dental procedures such as Fotona’s gentle but highly effective TouchWhite™ laser tooth whitening. And with an optional aesthetic upgrade, the LightWalker AT / AT S model can even be used for facial skin treatments, such as wrinkle reduction.

    Typical treatment procedures with LightWalker are faster, easier to perform and with less pain and shorter healing times compared to conventional treatments.

  • Conservative Destistry
  • Endodontics
  • Implanology
  • Oral Surgery
  • Periodontics
  • Tooth Whitening
  • NightLase® snoring treamtent
  • Facial Aesthetic treatments  1800 888 983

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